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In 1977, the Swedish company Perstorp made a groundbreaking leap in the world of flooring with the invention of laminate flooring, later introduced to the market under the renowned brand name Pergo. With a history dating back to 1923 in crafting floor surfaces, Perstorp's innovation represented a pivotal moment in interior design. In 1984, Europe witnessed the first marketing of this revolutionary product, followed by its introduction to the United States in 1994. Notably, Perstorp eventually spun off its flooring division, forming the independent entity named Pergo, now operating as a subsidiary of the esteemed Mohawk Industries.

However, it's important to note that while Pergo holds the spotlight as a leading laminate flooring manufacturer, the trademark PERGO does not universally signify all laminate floors.

A subsequent landmark in the laminate flooring evolution emerged in 1996, when Välinge Aluminium, a Swedish company now recognized as Välinge Innovation, introduced a game-changing innovation - glueless laminate flooring. This novel approach to installation carried the names Alloc and Fiboloc. Simultaneously, the Belgian enterprise Unilin was advancing a similar system for locking flooring panels together, which came to the market in 1997 under the moniker Quick-Step flooring.

The journey of innovation and competition between these two companies has been marked by numerous legal conflicts over the years. Today, the landscape of glueless locking flooring predominantly operates under licences from Välinge, Unilin, or often through a fusion of both entities' technologies. This synergy signifies the culmination of efforts by pioneers in the field, shaping the very foundation of modern laminate flooring.

Laminate floorboard is an affordable flooring solution consisting of a durable print layer glued to a strong particleboard. This enables it to showcase the beauty of timber flooring while providing unmatched durability. Laminate flooring is a popular flooring product that offers many advantages over traditional hardwood timber floors. They look beautiful, perform better, and are easier to install.

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