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HydroPro Timber

HydroPro Australian Timber is an engineered flooring renowned for its exceptional durability and water resistance, making it ideal for Australian conditions. It combines premium Australian timber with a next-generation core that is entirely waterproof, offering unmatched stability even with moisture..
Discover the superior quality of HydroPro AU 12.2 Blue Gum, an engineered Australian-timber flooring known for its extreme water resistance and durability. Crafted from select Australian timbers and bonded with a revolutionary 100% waterproof core, this flooring ensures stability and longevity even ..
HydroPro AU 12.2 Jarrah combines the natural beauty of Australian timber with advanced engineering, featuring a 100% waterproof and highly dense core. This flooring provides exceptional stability and longevity, even under varying moisture conditions, making it ideal for Australian homes...
Explore the exceptional durability and water resistance of HydroPro AU 12.2 Spotted Gum, crafted from premium Australian timbers. This engineered flooring features a next-generation waterproof core that offers superior stability across varying moisture levels, making it ideal for any Australian sett..
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