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Flooring Sanding and Polishing

Have your timber floorboards lost their luster and developed unsightly scratches over time? It's a common occurrence for all types of flooring to acquire surface damage. The good news is that floor sanding can work wonders in restoring the original beauty of your timber floors, making them appear brand new as if they just emerged from the packaging. Whether you have a solid or engineered timber floor, you have the option to sand and re-polish your floors multiple times (The sanding potential of engineered timber floors may vary from case to case, typically allowing for approximately 1-2 sanding sessions). Through a meticulous sanding process, the top layer of the wooden floor is skillfully removed, unveiling a fresh surface. Following the sanding, we expertly apply multiple layers of coating to the floor, imparting a stunning polish and an added protective layer, ensuring its newfound shine endures.
At Everest Interior, we provide a diverse range of cutting-edge sanding and polishing solutions, delivered by our highly skilled and experienced team. Our aim is to rejuvenate your floorboards, restoring them to their former glory. Contact us today to receive a complimentary quote and expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. We are here to assist you every step of the way in bringing back the timeless beauty of your floors.

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