Everest Interior is the trusted name for flooring in great Sydney, NSW. We supply and install all types of flooring, from solid timber flooring to hybrid flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring, and laminate flooring.  Our experts present the latest flooring choices to meet your needs, and we offer a wide selection of flooring styles, designs and textures to suit your home or business premise. Call us today to have our team walk you through your flooring options.


At our establishment, you'll find an extensive assortment of products carefully sourced from reputable local and international suppliers. Our diverse product line up encompasses a wide selection, all sourced from trusted brands and renowned companies. Each item undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes, ensuring strict adherence to quality controls. Through meticulous testing and inspection, our products consistently exceed stringent quality standards while also complying with all Health and Safety regulations. Additionally, we proudly offer structural warranties on all our products, including warranties ranging from 15 to 25 years, as well as lifetime warranties.


Everest Interior supplies:

  • All ranges of floorboards, including laminate, bamboo, hybrid, engineered timber, pre-finished solid timber, and raw solid timber.
  • We have all the major brands on the market.


Everest Interior services:

  • We can install all kinds of floating floorboards and solid timber floorboards.
  • We can sand and polish new or existing solid timber floors.


Quality, Stylish, Service 

We start the journey with huge passion to provide you the products and services with superior quality.

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